Tranexamic Acid Tablets
Tranexamic Acid
Silver blister pack with 10 capsules
Starting from £34.95

Patient reviews of Tranexamic Acid Tablets

Currently, Tranexamic Acid Tablets has an average rating of 4.7 based on 9 reviews from Treated users.


Helped me so much my GP was useless. Would highly recommend

Donna R. Verified user July 19, 2023

Perfect experience

Fast treatment, fast delivery 👌 would recommend

Katy M. Verified user May 09, 2023

Great thank you

I wanted to try this on recommendation of two nurses. I have tried every hormonal thing that has been given to me and they all affected my mental health so severely, and just caused me to bleed a little bit constantly, that I can't take them. I am actually booked in for an ablation and sterilisation next month. Why nobody has given me this before I do not know but I needed to try it in a hurry. I can't get an appointment with my GP for 5 weeks so I took a punt here. I'm so glad I did. It is early days but I started using the tranexamic acid on my last period and oh my goodness, the difference is insane. I usually have to live on narcotic painkillers for 3-4 days each cycle just to get through the day with less pain. The tranexamic acid vastly reduced my bleeding AND the pain. Hopefully this will continue and I can forego the risks of surgery. I'll be asking my GP to prescribe this when I can finally see them but it is so reassuring to know that I can access this medication via Treated if necessary. Thank you so much.

Phoenix J. Verified user April 28, 2023

Where have these Tranexamic Acid Tablets reviews come from?

All 9 Tranexamic Acid Tablets reviews you see on this page are from verified purchasers on Treated, who’ve had it recommended to them by our clinicians after consulting about Heavy Periods. 

We invite everyone who purchases Tranexamic Acid Tablets from Treated to leave a review of it. Reviews are left on a voluntary basis, so not everyone who gets Tranexamic Acid Tablets from us will post a testimonial explaining how well it worked.

To help us ensure reliability, this isn’t a forum open to anyone to post Tranexamic Acid Tablets reviews – the testimonials displayed are from real patients who’ve had firsthand experience using Tranexamic Acid Tablets, and are best-placed to comment on how effective it was for them.

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