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What is Treated?

Treated is healthcare on your terms. We work with licensed doctors and pharmacists, but we’re all online. That means expert advice on your schedule, and medication safely delivered to your door.

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Our service is built with you in mind. 

You talk, we listen. 

We recommend, you choose. 

And your treatment plan will be unique to you, whether that’s regular deliveries of your daily medication or a one-off prescription. We’ll always be upfront about cost, side effects and any other info you need to make the right decision and choose better.

Flex your healthcare.

Treatments to fit your life Treatments to fit your life
Control at your fingertips Control at your fingertips
Consult on your own time Consult on your own time
Your health, continued Your health, continued

Flex your healthcare.

Treated offers subscription plans that fit around your life. You’ll get medication delivered on a schedule you set, and we’ll make aftercare easy and repeats simple. Tell us how your treatment is going or ask questions through your account, and browse our health guides for relevant, accessible info written by our editorial team.

It’s time healthcare worked for you, not the other way around.

We’re experts in medicine, but you’re the expert in you.

Our philosophy puts you first. We believe everyone has the right to health autonomy, so empowering you to make the best choice for yourself is at the heart of everything we do — from how we build our website to what you can expect after your order. 

Vitamins or Viagra, it’s all the same to us. We take every condition seriously, and you’ll never experience judgment while seeking treatment. So while we’ll recommend what’s safe, you’ll always decide what’s best. 


Your partners in health.

We’ve been busy, seeking out the top talent in online health, to help us give you the safest and most personable service possible.

  • Meet our clinical team
  • Meet our medical advisors

Dr Daniel Atkinson

GP Clinical Lead
Dr Daniel Atkinson
Dr Daniel oversees all matters clinical at Treated. He supports the rest of our team to make sure everything we’re doing is safe and puts patients first. He also spends a lot of time consulting with patients first hand, so he can see how well things are working and what we can improve. Registered with the GMC (No. 4624794).
Meet Dr Daniel Atkinson 

Ms Sanjeda Chowdhury

Superintendent Pharmacist
Ms Sanjeda Chowdhury
Sanjeda runs our pharmacy, based in Bolton. She works closely with our doctors and prescribers, ensuring that the treatments we recommend are safe, and that all medicines are dispensed correctly. Registered with GPhC (No. 2202465)
Meet Ms Sanjeda Chowdhury 

Mr Ruaraidh Buckenham

Clinical Content Reviewer
Mr Ruaraidh Buckenham
Ruaraidh (pronounced Ro-ry) is a Pharmacist who’s also qualified to prescribe medications. He consults with Treated patients to recommend treatments for them, and assists with the development of our clinical frameworks.
Meet Mr Ruaraidh Buckenham 

Mr Craig Marsh

Pharmacist Prescriber
Mr Craig Marsh
Craig is a pharmacist who’s also qualified to prescribe, which means he’s a bit of an expert on which medicines work best in any given situation. He consults with patients first hand, and also does a lot of work researching new and existing medications for the conditions we treat. Registered with the GPhC (No 2070724).
Meet Mr Craig Marsh 

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