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Vaginal thrush

Tablets, pessaries. Chat to our clinicians to get confidential advice and treatment for yeast infections.

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Urinary incontinence

Get tailored advice from our expert team, and choose from a range of treatments to reduce symptoms.

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Pill, patch, ring. We offer a range of birth control options so you can choose the one that's right for you.

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Manage your condition from home with expert advice and subscription treatment.

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Period delay

Event planned? Period due? Take period delay pills a few days before to delay your bleeding.

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Heavy periods

Treatments to make your period lighter and more manageable. We'll help you to find the right option for you.

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Clear your UTI the easy way with expert advice and effective treatment.

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Bacterial vaginosis

Personalised advice. Effective antibiotic treatments to restore balance. Get the help you need for BV.

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Morning after pill

Prevent unplanned pregnancy with emergency contraception. Highly effective Plan B treatments, delivered fast.

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Tablets, patches, gels. We make finding the right HRT treatment easy.

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Dr Daniel Atkinson

GP Clinical Lead
Dr Daniel Atkinson

Registered with GMC (No. 4624794)

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Ms Sanjeda Chowdhury

Superintendent Pharmacist
Ms Sanjeda Chowdhury

Registered with GPhC (No. 2202465)

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Mr Craig Marsh

Pharmacist Prescriber
Mr Craig Marsh

Registered with GPhC (No. 2070724)

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Clinical Content Reviewer
Mr Ruaraidh Buckenham

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Fast, slick service. Very easy to amend subscription when required.

Arrived second day coz they used royal mail instead of DPD.

All nice

All good.

Great service

Express service


Our average rating based on 16185 reviews.

Our female health range

Here are some of our options for female health.




Lower dose version of Marvelon. Good option if you get mild side effects on higher oestrogen pills.

  • Starting from £36.95



Unique 4-phase pill designed to match fluctuating hormone cycles. Comes in 28 pill packs.

  • Starting from £59.95



Same hormone and same dose as Cerazette and Cerelle. 12 hour window if you're late taking it.

  • Starting from £25.95



Probably the most well-known brand of mini pill. 12 hour leeway if you're late taking it.

  • Starting from £33.95



Well known pill that reduces PMS symptoms and can help to make your periods more regular.

  • Starting from £41.95



Morning after pill that can be taken up to five days after unprotected sex.

  • Starting from £42.95



Safest category pill that reduces heavy bleeding. Same hormone mix as Levest and Rigevidon.

  • Starting from £27.95



Simple treatment for menopause symptoms. Estradot is a HRT patch you change just twice a week.

  • Starting from £39.95



HRT gel you rub into your skin. It has an easy-to-use pump pack for menopause relief.

  • Starting from £35.95

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Our average rating based on 16185 reviews.

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