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Icon of a person sitting sideways on the bed with an orange spot overlay


Rest easier and sleep better with insomnia treatment. And ongoing support from our experts too.

Diagram of an eye with a red circle over raised bumps.


Find relief from dry, itchy eyes with our expert team and subscription treatments.

Pictogram of louse next to strand of hair

Head lice

Fast and effective treatment for headlice, sent straight to your door.

Angular Cheilitis

Angular Cheilitis

Topical antifungals or corticosteroids to meet your needs. Effective relief in just two weeks.

Pictogram of lungs


Prescription treatments, ongoing care. We make managing your COPD simple.

Pictogram of genital area


Choose from our range of antiviral tablets and get aftercare from our experts.

Icon of trichomoniasis parasite


Antibiotic treatment to clear the infection and stop it being passed on, followed up with expert aftercare.

Icon of a circle with eight smaller circles within it


With a range of creams and tablets, we'll help you find the acne treatment that's right for you.

Icon of a leg with an orange spot overlay

Restless legs syndrome

Personalised, effective treatment to reduce RLS symptoms, and ongoing care from our expert team.


Non-Diabetic Hyperglycaemia

Expert advice and reliable treatments that can help you maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

Discoid eczema

Discoid eczema

A range of topical corticosteroids and emollients. Discreet deliveries to your door.

Icon of a person's head with a starburst and orange spot overlay


Treatment that helps to relieve migraines so they don't interfere with your day.

Out of stock Diagram of a mountain under a cloud imposed with a red circle.

Altitude sickness

If you’re travelling to a high-altitude environment, we can find you the right treatment.


Otitis externa

Our expert team can advise on the best treatment to clear up inflammation of the outer ear quickly.

Pyogenic granuloma

Pyogenic granuloma

Get expert advice and effective topical treatment to apply at home and stay on top of your skin health.

Icon of buttocks with orange spot overlay


Creams and suppositories to help relieve symptoms, along with expert aftercare to make sure you're feeling better.

Pictogram of open hands with beads of sweat on them


Strong medical antiperspirants for excessive sweating, sent straight to your door.

Diagram of a head showing hyperpigmentation patches around the face.


Creams to treat patches of darkened, uneven skin. Easy subscriptions for long-term use.

Icon of lungs with an orange spot


Manage your asthma with expert help and convenient subscription treatment.



Highly effective short-course tablet treatments combined with expert aftercare.


Oral thrush

Treat infections with effective antifungal treatments. Get a quick solution when you need it.

Pictogram of orange circle over lumps and hairs.

Hidradenitis suppurativa

HS treatment made easy, with tailored recommendations and ongoing support from our experts.

Icon of a moving vehicle with an orange spot overlay

Motion sickness

Ease travel discomfort with treatment for motion sickness. We'll help you find the right medication just for you.

Diagram of a head with spinning arrows around it.


Get proven treatments for bouts of vertigo and dizziness.

Foot with verruca


Gels and creams for effective relief from warts and verrcuas.

Lupus Erythematosus

Lupus Erythematosus

Get expert advice and bespoke treatments to help relieve your symptoms.

Icon of an eye with an orange spot overlaying it

Eye infection (bacterial)

Soothe sore eyes with treatment for bacterial infections. Get advice on the right medication for you from our experts.

Pictogram of abdomen with overlaid icon indicating pain


Don't let IBS get in the way of your life. Get treatments tailored to your symptoms, sent straight to your door.



Antibiotic and antifungal treatment for infected hair follicles. Get practical advice to avoid repeat infections.

Icon of a fleshy wart

Genital warts

Get effective treatment alongside expert advice with a choice of topical antivirals.

Icon showing urine overflowing

Urinary incontinence

Get tailored advice from our expert team, and choose from a range of treatments to reduce symptoms.


Mycoplasma and ureaplasma

Expert advice and effective treatment. Find the help you need for your infection, without going to a clinic in person.

Pictogram of mite and rash over a circular orange background


Creams, lotions, ointments, tablets. Choose from our wide range of treatments and receive ongoing care from us.

Icon of single pill

Morning after pill

Prevent unplanned pregnancy with emergency contraception. Highly effective Plan B treatments, delivered fast.

Pictogram of bare foot


Don’t let chilblains disrupt your life - get a proven treatment alongside tailored advice from our expert team.

Pictogram of inflamed skin patches overlayed with a translucent orange circle.

Severe refractory eczema

Tablets and creams. We offer a range of treatments for severe eczema, personalised for you.

Icon of a stomach with acid in it


Tablets, capsules. Have a chat with our clinicians and find the best relief from acid reflux.


Meal replacement

Meal replacement treatments tailored for your needs. And advice from our experts too.

Pictogram of head with patches on skin.


Get prescription strength treatments for vitiligo and expert advice from our clinicians.

Icon of a stopwatch with an arrow

Premature ejaculation

Cream, tablets, spray. PE treatment is available. Our experts can support you to find the best solution for you.

Icon of a Gonorrhoea cell


Short course antibiotic tablets, for when you can't have the injection in clinic.

Pictogram of inflamed skin patches overlayed with a translucent orange circle.

Atopic Eczema

Choose from a range of proven, effective treatments for your eczema on flexible, hassle-free subscriptions.

Icon of a nose with an orange spot overlay

Nasal infection

Swelling or pain in the nostrils? Treat skin infections of the nose with us.



Our expert advice can help you find a constipation solution fast.



Ease dizziness and nausea with subscription treatments you can cancel any time.

Icon of skin with hairs sprouting


Manage your condition from home with expert advice and subscription treatment.


Ménière’s disease

Prevent attacks of hearing loss, dizziness and tinnitus with prescription treatment. 


Prurigo Nodularis

Creams and cleansers that help soothe your skin and reduce inflammation.

Icon of cold sore on lips

Cold sores

Get prescription strength treatments and expert advice for effective cold sore relief.

Out of stock Icon of tablets in a bottle


Tablets you can take in different ways to help to lower your risk of HIV. Get advice and suggestions from our experts.

Pictogram of open mouth with orange circle around the tonsils.


Tablets and sprays that treat the inflammation and swelling caused by tonsillitis.

Pictogram of inflamed skin patches overlayed with a translucent orange circle.

Infected eczema

Get effective creams and oral medication to help treat your infected eczema.

Threadworms (1)


Choose from a range of treatments to kill off threadworms and relieve symptoms.



Get help finding the right diarrhoea treatment for you with recommendations from our clinicians.

Pictogram of hand with orange circle over warts.


Get recommendations from our experts and find the right wart treatment for you.

Icon of a droplet with an upwards arrow crossing over it


Let's make managing hypertension easier. Renew your prescription and get ongoing support from our clinicians.


Vitamins for immunity

Keep your body's defences strong with vitamin and mineral supplements on subscription.

Pictogram of dermatitis


Creams and ointments for dry, inflamed skin. Get professional advice and choose one that suits you.

Icon of a pricked finger


Lower your A1C with a range of diabetes treatments to suit your needs.

Icon of a tub of medicine and a syringe

Topical anaesthetics

Reduce pain from skin procedures and tattoos. Topical anaesthetics sent to you when you need them.

Pictogram of head with orange circle over marks.


Creams, tablets, gels. Find your treatment for rosacea from our wide range of options.

Icon of scalp with hair detaching from the follicle

Alopecia areata

Get expert advice and bespoke treatments to help your hair grow back and regain confidence.

Cystitis (UTI)


Clear your UTI the easy way with expert advice and effective treatment.

Icon of an eye with an orange spot overlaying it

Dry eyes

Eye drops that relieve soreness. Find the right treatment for you with help from our clinicians. Easy renewals.



Ongoing care and advice for anaemia. Treatments on subscription, delivered when you need them.

Male symbol with limp arrow

Erectile dysfunction

Tablets, creams, injections. Get expert advice and choose the ED treatment that’s best for your life.

Swollen foot icon with an orange spot


Get treatment that prevents and tackles gout. Ongoing care and support with your medication from us.


Mouth ulcers

Sprays, tablets, mouthwashes. Get the mouth ulcer treatment that works for you, and bespoke advice from our clinicians.


Perioral dermatitis

Creams, ointments and antibiotics for red, inflamed skin. Easy to manage subscription plans.

Icon of an enlarged prostate

Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH)

Let’s make BPH treatment simpler. Get ongoing care from our clinicians, but without the hassle of appointments.

Triangle icon with circles on the corners


Tablets, patches, gels. We make finding the right HRT treatment easy.

Pictogram of chin and neck with orange circle over throat.

Sore throat

Help finding the right sore throat treatment for you from our experts.

Keloid scars

Keloid scars

Get topical treatments recommended by our clinician to help your scars fade.

Icon of pelvic area with orange spot overlay

Vaginal thrush

Tablets, pessaries. Chat to our clinicians to get confidential advice and treatment for yeast infections.

Pictogram of someone breathing out


Trusted treatments for bad breath, sent straight to your door.

Icon of three concentric circles


Pill, patch, ring. We offer a range of birth control options so you can choose the one that's right for you.

Icon of arteries lined with cholesterol

High cholesterol

Reduce your cholesterol levels with easily renewed prescriptions and subscription treatment.


Morning sickness

With our clinicians you're in safe hands. Expert advice and treatment for nausea during pregnancy.

Icon of woman's head next to a heart with a plus symbol inside it

Seborrheic dermatitis

Creams, shampoos and tablets for scaly rashes on your scalp, face, or chest.

Icon of nail with fungal infection

Fungal nail

Choose from our range of tablets and solutions. Get ongoing care and support from our experts.

Icon of scalp with hair detaching from the follicle

Hair loss

Slow down or stop hair loss with treatment that’s up to 90% effective.

Pictogram of an orange circle over a hand covered in rash.

Dyshidrotic eczema

Manage painful blister eruptions. Get expert help and tailored eczema treatments.

Icon of a circle made out of an arrow

Period delay

Event planned? Period due? Take period delay pills a few days before to delay your bleeding.

Pictogram of ear

Ear wax treatment

Suffering from ear wax buildup? We have a range of drops and expert care to get you back to normal.

Head and shoulders of blisters


Effective antibiotic treatments sent straight to you. Expert advice and tailored recommendations from our clinicians.

Weighing scale icon

Weight loss

Tablets or injections. Tailored weight loss treatments combined with ongoing support from our experts.

Icon of an influenza virus cell


Manage, treat or prevent the flu with expert advice and proven medicines sent straight to you.

Pictogram of fingernail with orange circle over the base of the nail.


Get effective relief for your nail infection followed up with expert aftercare.

Pictogram showing a head with melasma patches.


Even out your skin tone with effective treatments tailored to your needs, alongside ongoing care and support.

Icon of a stomach with lightning icons

Heavy periods

Treatments to make your period lighter and more manageable. We'll help you to find the right option for you.

Icon of a sun with a large D in the centre

Vitamin D

Sunlight on subscription. Get vitamin D sent to your door. Treatments for deficiency and supplements for your health.


Overactive bladder

Treatment, care and ongoing support from us for overactive bladder.

Pictogram of neck with darkened patch of skin highlighted by orange circle.

Acanthosis nigricans

Acanthosis nigricans treatments to help lighten dry and darkened patches of skin.

Icon of a foot with a fungal infection

Athlete's foot

Find the treatment you need to get relief from this common fungal infection.

Diagram of uterus with a red circle hovering over the the womb.


Hormonal treatments to relieve pain and other symptoms.

Pictogram showing tinea veriscolor patches on an upper torso

Tinea Versicolor

Antifungal treatments for tinea versicolor, a fungal skin infection.

Symbol of pollen


Tablets, nasal sprays and eye drops. Get effective treatments to help you live your life, no matter your allergy.

Icon of a mosquito

Malaria prevention

Protect yourself before you arrive. Find the right treatment and get bespoke travel advice from our clinicians.

Pictogram of woman's abdomen with red circle over uterus.

Period Pain

Relieve painful periods with the right treatment for you. And get ongoing support from us too.

Pictogram of orange circle over blisters.

Actinic Keratosis

Treatment for actinic keratosis that’s tailored for you. And expert advice from our clinicians.

Icon of a thyroid with an orange spot overlay


Get the thyroid balance you need from our range of hypothyroidism treatments.

Diagram of a torso with red circle over the heart


Tablets, patches, sprays. We'll find you the right treatment and provide support with your angina.



Wide selection of hives treatments to ease and relieve symptoms. And ongoing care from our clinicians.



Creams and tablets for itchy skin. Get tailored recommendations to treat your specific condition.

Icon showing bacteria in genital area

Bacterial vaginosis

Personalised advice. Effective antibiotic treatments to restore balance. Get the help you need for BV.

Out of stock jlg

Jet lag

Fix your sleep and get the most out of every trip. Travel in peace with expert advice and prescription melatonin.

Lichen Planus

Lichen planus

Creams, ointments, or tablets. Fast relief and effective treatment to stay on top of your health.


Stop smoking

Stop smoking treatments that can help you kick the habit forever, and reduce your risk of disease.

Icon of a person with a nauseous expression and an orange spot overlay


Get advice and treatments tailored to you, to help tackle nausea.

Pictogram of circular rash

Ringworm and jock itch

Antifungal creams and gels for ringworm and jock itch. Find the right medication for you with help from our experts.

Icon of scalp with hair detaching from the follicle

Telogen Effluvium

Get expert advice, aftercare and support for telogen effluvium, with proven treatments sent straight to your door.

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Always arrives on time and I’m kept informed of progress.




I have had it previously from my G.P so It worked as expected, extremely well. My problem is an accessing my G.P practice, they put ED well down their list of priorities. I found your service excellent, quick and efficient. I fully intend to continue using it


5 star


Reliable company


Shipping is speedy and the product is amazing.


Our average rating based on 3551 reviews.


Fast, slick service. Very easy to amend subscription when required.


All good.


Great service


Really helped me


Trusted service and great service - next day delivery and I can rely on them to send regularly.


Ordering was straight forward, tablets delivered promptly and well packaged, and instructions were clear, thanks.


100% recomended.Great service


Excellent service


Excellent delivery. Can’t fault.


Quick and efficient service, delivered discreetly the next day. Thank you.




Great service, no wait time




Quick assessing for medicine suitability. Quick delivery and good communication throughout.


Straightforward and quick service!


Good however communication could sometimes be better


Easy and good procedure to get treatment


Excellent product


Excellent service!!! Ordered what I needed sent a picture of my prescription and the parcel arrived the next day!!! Will definitely order again and have recommended to others!!!


Fast shipping


Very quick service all round


So quick and simple. Recommend




Very convenient hassle free service.


Easy to use good communication and fast shipping


Great service


Efficient no issues re delivery


Fabulous service


Brilliant service. Not a bad word to say!


It was fast, professional and it's the right med for what I selected in there.


This review requires content. Oh well..


Great service, quite effortless.


Top notch


Brill service




Excellent service quick and easy to use


Fast and exact order


Superb service and quick delivery 10/10


Excellent service


Thank you for fast delivery


Shipping is extremely quick and satisfiying


Good stuff


Good service


Great fast delivery

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