Your New Treated: Why We Made the Change.

Your New Treated: Why We Made the Change.

We’ve taken you through what’s new. 

So let’s take you through how and why we did it.

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You know about already, and you might know about EveAdam too. 

Both of them were us. But with some differences.

First, they were different services. While the old Treated offered one-off consultations and treatments, EveAdam was subscription only. 

The way they looked and spoke was different too. Treated was more conventional and medical, while EveAdam was more vibrant, edgier and a little quirky.

Having two brands gave us the chance to learn more about what you want, and test out new things. But after a lot of thought, we wanted to put all of our energy into one identity. 

So in 2020, we took the decision to bring the two together: under a new brand that combined the best elements of both. 

And to help us do this, we enlisted the services of leading branding agency, DesignStudio.

Our collaboration with DesignStudio – who’ve also worked with the Premier League, Deliveroo and Airbnb – was an enlightening journey that lasted over six months. They helped us to examine ourselves from top to bottom: our brand, culture, mission and offering. 

After several months of immersion, interviews and workshops with people from all areas of our company, they presented us with a range of strong, viable brand options for us to choose from. 

The outright winner: Treated.

(The name that started it all, but without the .com.) 

But the exercise wasn’t just about picking a new (or in this case: old) name.

It set out to update how we looked, how we speak, and how we deliver our service too.

Here’s what you can expect from the new us.

Online healthcare has come a long way since we first launched in 2015. 

A decade ago, internet pharmacies were still a new concept. Prescribing medicines online was legal, but counterfeiters and unlicensed sellers were really common. 

Reputable providers had to spend lots of energy distinguishing themselves from ‘fake’ or illicit pharmacies. To help users know they were safe and genuine, the way they communicated was ‘reassurance-heavy’. 

Example. If you used, you’ll know that it was a CQC-registered service, using GMC-registered doctors, and licensed UK pharmacy regulated by the GPhC. You couldn’t miss it, because we mentioned this on our pages every couple of inches. 

The good news is that we still are regulated by all the same bodies, and are still just as safe and effective. 

But the industry has changed. Online healthcare has developed a lot in the last decade. We view these levels of regulation and compliance as a given, and we think you should expect the safest and best service is as a bare minimum.

So we’ll mention our credentials from time to time. But we won’t pepper every sentence on every page with them.

Let’s take you back to 2015 again. 

Let’s say you were browsing an online pharmacy site. It’s the first one you’ve ever visited. Naturally, you wanted to know that the people who made the site knew their stuff. You expected to be spoken to in a way that the doctors you’d met in surgery and in hospital in real life had spoken to you. 

You expected jargon

Medical terminology. Technical speak. 

So another symptom of the time? Content that was overly formal. Info that had all the right medical words, but wasn’t always easy to understand.

Again, things have changed. Long sentences with long words and health problems given by their latin names might demonstrate to you that we know what we’re talking about. 

But you’re not reading to check our credentials. You’re reading because you want health info, and mostly you’ll want it simple and digestible. Plain English.

So we set out to reshape our tone of voice keeping these principles in mind: 

  • it’s matter of fact and tells it like it is
  • it’s conversational
  • it’s real.

That means we’ll speak to you like you’d expect to be spoken to in everyday life. When we talk about a treatment, we’ll lay things out for you so you can get a realistic picture of what to expect with it. And if we use a medical term, we’ll break it down and explain it there and then.

Good health is a partnership between you and a clinician. This is what we’ve set out to convey with our new design concept, centred around two entities: orange (you) and blue (us).

An orange and a blue inverted orb

As you move through the site and engage with our clinicians, you’ll see these entities move around and ‘speak’ to each other. Because the interaction between you and a clinician is what yields better health, we wanted to bring this to the fore (and celebrate it).

We’ve made some changes to our logo too, that incorporate care and pharmacy iconography. 

With our imagery, we’ve made a shift away from animation, to real life – which mirrors the journey online healthcare has made from new and ‘conceptual’ in 2015, over to the mainstream (now).

When we examined our mission, our most valued principle was about empowerment. 

Giving you the info you need to make better health choices. But also, giving you the chance to make decisions about your own care, jointly with a clinician.

We call this health autonomy.

You’ll see that this principle has helped shape our visual identity and our tone of voice. But it’s also shaped our service too.

Whenever you consult with our clinicians, you’ll get a say in the treatment you take. You’ll also get the chance to tell us how things are going and give us feedback, so we can help you make the switch to something else if your treatment isn’t working well for you. And you’ll get full control over your plan with the press of a button, so you can pause or skip deliveries whenever you like.

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