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Patient reviews of Trulicity

Currently, Trulicity has an average rating of 4.9 based on 7 reviews from Treated users.

Treated delivered my medication quickly with no problems at all . Would highly recommend

JenniferVerified userJuly 14, 2024

Wonder drug

Having been unable to obtain Trulicity from the usual nhs pharmacist although prescribed by my nhs doctor my blood sugar,after 3months without the drug, rose to levels pretty much off the scale. Following receiving the drug privately via Treated within a week my blood sugar reduced to normal levels which I experienced for the five /six years I had previously used this medication. Since first being prescribed the drug nearly six years ago my weight has reduced from 17st 10lb to 14st 11lb and has now stabilised at around that weight so I cannot recommend the drug highly enough.

RobertVerified userJune 20, 2024

Has really helped me with weight loss, I'd recommend it to anyone

NiallVerified userJune 06, 2024

Excellent service

Excellent service

Paula P.Verified userFebruary 13, 2024

3mg too strong,1.5 just right!!

Really helpful with appetite suppressing,also helps with weight loss plateauing!!xx

Alison W.Verified userOctober 05, 2023


100% recomended.Great service

Angelica C.Verified userAugust 02, 2023


Cannot complain! I was able to get the medication I need at a reasonable price. Shipping is unbelievably fast and secure. Will definitely continue using treated!

Sarah K.Verified userJuly 27, 2023

Where have these Trulicity reviews come from?

All Trulicity reviews you see on this page are from verified purchasers on Treated, who’ve had it recommended to them by our clinicians after consulting about Diabetes. 

We invite everyone who purchases Trulicity from Treated to leave a review of it. Reviews are left on a voluntary basis, so not everyone who gets Trulicity from us will post a testimonial explaining how well it worked.

To help us ensure reliability, this isn’t a forum open to anyone to post Trulicity reviews – the testimonials displayed are from real patients who’ve had firsthand experience using Trulicity, and are best-placed to comment on how effective it was for them.

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