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Patient reviews of Alli

Currently, Alli has an average rating of 5.0 based on 2 reviews from Treated users.


Working very well no side effects

Julia G.Verified userDecember 19, 2023

They really works!!!

Fantastic weight loss pills. They actually work. I was struggling to loose some weight after having my children. Nothing worked until I started taking Alli. It’s important to eat a good diet when taking these pills. Treated really supported me with my weight loss journey. I can’t thank you enough.

Archana B.Verified userDecember 30, 2022

Where have these Alli reviews come from?

All 2 Alli reviews you see on this page are from verified purchasers on Treated, who’ve had it recommended to them by our clinicians after consulting about Weight Loss. 

We invite everyone who purchases Alli from Treated to leave a review of it. Reviews are left on a voluntary basis, so not everyone who gets Alli from us will post a testimonial explaining how well it worked.

To help us ensure reliability, this isn’t a forum open to anyone to post Alli reviews – the testimonials displayed are from real patients who’ve had firsthand experience using Alli, and are best-placed to comment on how effective it was for them.

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