Mr Ruaraidh Buckenham

Pharmacist Prescriber

Mr Ruaraidh Buckenham

Clinical Content Reviewer

Ruaraidh (pronounced Ro-ry) is a Pharmacist who’s also qualified as an Independent Prescriber. He reviews content produced by our writing team to ensure it’s clinically accurate.

Ruaraidh graduated from the University of Manchester in 2008 with a Master’s in Pharmacy, and qualified as a pharmacist in 2009. He completed his Postgraduate Certificate (PGCert) in Clinically Enhanced Independent Prescribing at Aston University in 2021, which included Prescribing in Acute & Emergency Medicine.


University of Manchester
Master’s Degree in Pharmacy (MPharm)

Aston University
Clinically Enhanced Independent Prescribing (PGCert)



Acute medicine

Emergency medicine

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Deponit Patches

Don’t let angina rule your life. Manage and prevent attacks with an easy patch.
Vaginal thrush

Canesten Thrush Duo

Combined thrush treatment that uses two medications to clear vaginal thrush.
Vaginal thrush

Canesten Thrush External Cream

Soothing relief of itching and irritation caused by thrush.
Vaginal thrush

Canesten Thrush Internal Cream

Internal cream in an easy to use applicator, to soothe vaginal thrush.
Restless legs syndrome


Branded version of Ropinirole. Available in three doses for tried and tested RLS relief.

Anoro Ellipta

Once-a-day inhaler that relaxes muscles in your lungs, to treat symptoms of COPD.

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Researched and sourced

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Medically reviewed

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Continuously monitored

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