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Let’s Talk Menopause: with Seema Malhotra

Let’s Talk Menopause: with Seema Malhotra

Super-exciting news. To get ready for World Menopause Month in October, we’re launching Let’s Talk Menopause.

The campaign will help to raise awareness of menopause, discuss the impact it has on women, and give you the platform to share your experiences.

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Medically reviewed by
Dr Daniel Atkinson
GP Clinical Lead
on August 25, 2023.
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To help us, we’ve teamed up with fashion entrepreneur and Real Housewives of Cheshire star Seema Malhotra.

Give us your side of Menopause

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be working with Seema to spread the word on social media, sharing videos featuring expert insight from our clinical team. From how to know menopause started, to how it can affect your skin, lifestyle fixes and HRT – anything you ever wanted to know about menopause but didn’t know who to ask, we’ll aim to answer.

And the great thing is you can get involved too.

We’ve launched a survey all about menopause, and we want to hear from you.

It’s just 12 questions long, and at the end of it you’ll be given a chance to enter our prize draw to win £200 in Amazon vouchers.

What’s more, you don’t need to have experienced menopause personally to enter – we want to hear from adults of all age ranges, and all genders.

After the survey closes, we’ll discuss our findings from the survey in an exclusive vidcast, featuring Seema and some special guests.

Menopause symptoms and treatment: The numbers

Menopause affects every woman differently. Some women don’t get any noticeable symptoms, but it’s estimated around 75% will. And out of that 75%, not everyone will necessarily know what their symptoms mean when they start. A survey of perimenopausal women found that 68% only actively looked for information about it after noticing the onset of symptoms.

‘A general lack of awareness about menopause symptoms and the impact they can have is probably central to this.' says Dr Daniel Atkinson.

‘A lot of women (and partners of women) don’t know much about menopause until it begins to directly affect them or someone close to them.’

While knowing about symptoms is one thing, seeking treatment is often something else entirely – and many women won’t get advice from a doctor or discuss the support that’s available to them. A recent analysis of peri- to post-menopausal women in France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom, found that only just over half (54%) sought treatment or medical advice for symptoms.

‘Sometimes it’s because women going through menopause don’t know the range of support that’s available, but other times they might just feel like their symptoms don’t warrant the fuss of seeing a doctor.’ said Daniel.

‘Which is a shame, because it means a lot of women go through this period of sometimes quite intense physical hardship – which can last a few years – without speaking up about it.’

Changing attitudes towards menopause

Luckily, a number of high profile women have spoken out about their menopause symptoms publically in recent years, to help spread awareness of the impact it can have. Davina McCall, Salma Hayek and even Michelle Obama have opened up about how menopause has affected them – and in 2022, Real Housewives of Cheshire star Seema Malhotra joined this illustrious list.

Recounting her experiences on Real Housewives and in interviews, Seema highlighted the lack of education around the subject, and the obstacles many women face getting partners and family to understand what menopause is really like.

Her aim when filming the menopause special edition of Real Housewives was to help women know more about menopause and the support that’s available – and this is something she’s seeking to further by working with us.

'I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of this menopause campaign alongside Treated.' said Seema.

'It is an incredible opportunity to not only raise awareness about this important stage of life, but also to share expert advice and support with women everywhere. Together, we can empower and educate, making a positive impact on the lives of so many.’

As Dr Daniel also explains, hearing about your experiences will help us to know more about attitudes to menopause, and help us to highlight knowledge gaps for discussion.

'It’ll be really interesting to see not only how much people know about menopause, but also how they feel about it too and their perceptions of it – it’s a subject that’s still somehow taboo, despite the fact that every woman goes through it. By participating and completing the survey, you’re helping us to know more about why it’s a taboo, so we can continue working towards breaking the stigma.’

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